5 Best Boarding Schools in India for Your Child

Sending your child to a boarding school is not an easy decision by any means for any parent. It’s true that boarding schools have many advantages and prepare the child to face the harsh truths of the future, but parents should have a solid reason for sending the child to a faraway place. Children who study in best residential school in India become more independent and are better prepared to face the battles of life easily.

If you are looking for good boarding schools in India for your child, here are 5 best options to help you out.

Doon School, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Established in the year 1935, The Doon School is one of the well-known top boarding schools in India, which is affiliated to the ICSE Board of Education. The school boasts of comprehensive infrastructural facilities that include Auditorium library, Science laboratories, Amphitheater, Wellness Centre, Music school and many others.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Himachal Pradesh

One of the few Boarding schools in North India to offer boarding facilities for both girls and boys, the Chinmaya Vidyalaya is part of the Chinmaya trust conceived in the year 1951 and adheres to the CBSE curriculum. The co-ed school uses English as a medium of education and offers education up to Higher Secondary or Class 12. Chinmaya Vidyalaya is arguably one of the best boarding schools in India. The wide range of facilities at the institution includes spacious and ventilated dormitories, recreation facilities in the form of libraries, sports facilities including athletics, and horse riding, and many more.

Mayo College, Ajmer, Rajasthan

The Mayo College is affiliated to the CBSE Board of Education. It offers a better blend of academic and co-curricular activities. Some of the facilities available at the school include the Oman guest house, Environment Park, equestrian, museum, multipurpose hall, College café, Science Laboratories, Medical clinic and others. Mayo also offers travel facilities to the students and their parents and has modern classrooms.

Gyan Ganga International boarding School in MP

One of the best boarding schools in mp India the Gyan Ganga International focuses on the development of overall personality of a student and boasts of imparting education for the whole life. The best boarding school in MP offers facilities in the form of cafeteria, transport, hair care centres, library and others.

The Rishi Valley School in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Affiliated to the ICSE Board of Education, the Rishi Valley School is owned by the Krishnamurti Foundation. The School has a very flexible curriculum and students suffer from least examination pressure, up to class 8th. The infrastructural facilities at the school include an Institute of bird studies, seminar hall, library, labs, clinic, and others.

Points to consider before choosing the best residential schools in India

When it comes to choosing a boarding school for your child, then no preparation or research can be sufficient. The primary question in any parent’s mind is not about choosing a school, but about choosing the desired care for the child. Choosing the best boarding school in India is all too difficult because a parent will take care of someone else on a daily basis to leave a child behind. They want to make sure that the child learns positive assessment, logic, sense of judgment, social prosperity, etc. Parents want to ensure that the child wants to develop sports and singing, dance, sketching, and such as their interests and hobbies.

The most important aspect of sending a child to a living environment is developing its interest in it. Parents should always talk to the child about new experiences they will have. Help them create hopes and tell them that you are always for them. Include them in this process and keep their interests in mind. Children usually mix more easily when they get to perform such activities that interest them.

Some of the important points to consider when searching for a boarding school of your child is:

1. Finalize more than one school and understand what the schools expect from their students. Apply to the schools at the earliest because of the best residential school in India open admissions on availability in each class and conduct admissions through a lengthy process. Prepare the child for the entrance process.

2. An entrance test is a general norm in schools across India. While some top boarding school in India may take admission on the past academic performance of the child, others conduct standardized admission test that may include simple questions from previous classes, essays and general aptitude. Schools tend to interview the child before admitting; they so encourage the child to speak freely in front of the interviewer.

3. Identify schools that are in this area and search through their webpages. Type a name and narrow your list on the basis of school background, such as it is co-educational, boys, girls, army, etc. Find out what they have to offer and how much they cost. Pay attention to names that match your expectations. You can search for the school’s rating through the internet and take comments from the present students or parents to get an overview of the school or the environment.

4. Visit the school to gain a better understanding of the school’s atmosphere. Check whether the school provides activities that interest your child. Discuss with your child and tell them about the choices you like. Learn about the top residential school in mp security features and how they handle emergency situations.

5. Pay the entry fee and complete the formalities as soon as possible. The school waits for only a limited time before handing over the seat to any other candidate. Most schools offer different scholarships and parents can apply for them during the application process.

How to choose the right boarding school?

Preparing to send his son to a boarding school comes with mixed feelings. Your head says that it can produce the best educational results, but being separated from your child can be an incredibly stressful experience. Involving your son in the process of decision making so that they realize that the feeling of control is important to what is happening.

When it comes to choosing the best boarding school in MP for your child, there are things to consider in large numbers. While not every school is right for you, there are practical steps that parents can follow.

Here’s how to choose a boarding school for your son.

Learn about the boarding community

Boarding families often develop a close community based on the common interest of having their children’s borders. Ask about the boarding community or guardian association for the search of available support networks.

Tour the school

Although this is not always easy, if you can take some time to visit those schools which you are considering, then this will make your choice very easy. Wander around the school and look at the different features they have to present – they are more important than your thoughts.

Can you afford the fees?

This is a clear question, but there is something that requires a bit more research. Top boarding school in MP divided the cost of tuition and boarding, others put them together as a lump sum. Try and get an understanding of what you can pay at the top of the school fees in a year.

Is there a sense of personal responsibility?

Boarding creates an atmosphere for students to become part of a new community, where there is a hope that they will give their best in all their efforts. This aspect is particularly powerful in a boarding setting where boys play the role of leadership and detect the perception of personal responsibility from an early age.

Learn about pastoral care

An important factor in knowing what your board will get from boarding staff. Will they be given academic support? What about emotional and psychological support? Ask the top residential school in MP about its pastoral care program and get an understanding of the condition of the staff.

Following these practical steps will help families to make the right choice when deciding where their son will fit in and flourish.